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Whether you’re headed to the beach or staying in the city, we want to make sure you’re stocked with the right products to look and feel fantastic all summer!

Until XX.XX.XXX, we’re offering you a unique opportunity to create your own set of beauty essentials. Choose a fragrance, a hand cream and a shower gel from our hottest picks of the season and get them all at a fantastic price of XX.XX!

How to create your set?

STEP 1: Choose a fragrance from 3 summer bestsellers: Volare, a feminine rosy bouquet that spells summer romance; Lovely Garden, succulent green notes to refresh you on a hot day; Lucia Starlight, an enchanting floral chypre to light up the summer nights.

STEP 2: Choose a hand cream from 3 caring formulas:

Protecting SoftCaress for hands and nails;
Nourishing SoftCaress for very dry hands;
Silk Beauty for 24h moisture.

STEP 3: Choose a shower gel from 3 delightfully refreshing options:

Discover Brazilian Passion with stimulating guarana;
Discover Parisian Delight scented with relaxing lavender and vanilla;
Nature Secrets Vanilla and Pomegranate with a protecting, creamy formula.

So don’t wait – it’s a perfect opportunity to bag your favourites at a great price or simply try our something new. Have a beautiful summer!