Ksenija Balta: Beautiful the way i want to be

We have always believed that your own power of beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It is about knowing and accepting who you are. Taking care of yourself is essential for your well-being, and self care comes in many forms: exercise, nutrition, right beauty routine for your skin. So we decided to catch up again with one of the most inspiring women we know – our brand ambassador Ksenija Balta. This has been another important year in her career and she has been announced as the Estonia athlete of the year. Keep on reading and know more her thoughts on this important topic we love so much - beauty.

1. What is your idea of beauty?
When I think about beauty, the first one comes to my mind such words like happy, positive, cared, kind and happy person. It's a beauty for me.

2. Does feeling beautiful and looking beautiful goes hand in hand?
Certainly not, because a beautiful person may sometimes behave in appearance so that people do not notice this outer shell.

3. For us, you always are a natural beauty inside and out. What helps you to shift into feeling more beautiful?
Thanks a lot for compliment. To feel more beutiful I like to relax in a spa, in a bathtub in your home, to get massage or just simply be by yourself and collecting your thoughts. Because through these procedures, I will relax both mentally and physically. And rested personshes happy and even more beautiful because he restores her natural shine and balance throughout her body. And there is another option I like- make up, it alwats works.

4. Who, in your life, has been the greatest example of beauty?  Why?
Certainly, my mother, because she is happy about who she is and what she is doing and how she looks. If a person feels well in her body then she is beautiful and happy person who can live the life fullest.

5. Do you agree that this is a important topic for all women today? Especially now when you have so many beauty definitions on social media?
I very much agree that this is an important topic for women and I am very happy that this topic has been addressed more widely and from other perspectives. I think it is extremely important for women and men to look at the beauty of the word not in the literal sense of it, but look at this word, because there is much more beauty and dignity than just that word. It is necessary to show the true power of that word and good in that great help is social media.

6. What advice would you give to a younger self about this topic?
Do not be short-sighted by the word "beautiful" but look beyond it, because it offers you more and true beauty. 

7. How do you manage to combine your athletes career with the other roles you have to fullfill in your daily life? Does these things are easy to combine?
It's not very easy, but it's not that difficult either. Of course, I spend most of my day doing workouts and relaxation, because these are the most important elements of my work. I usually put priorities in place and then I act, because then you know what is very important. More importantly -  the balance must be found between all our actions and things doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.

8. What's your beauty philosophy? What are you using every day in your routine?
My philosophy is to do something for your body and mind every day and they say „thank you“ for that.  There are a lot of training and showering in my everyday life, so my skin became very try because of that. So my goal is do take care of my skin, so it would be moistured and I eat healthy to give my skin also boost from inside. 

9. We all know that you are a professional athlete and know how to take care about your body, but how do you keep up on your mental health?
To be happy from inside as well, I wake up in the morning, go front of the mirror and say to myself that I’m beautiful and today will be great day. It’s simple!

10. What do you do to unwind or treat yourself?
The main relaxation is just staying home and do nothing. If you want to do something more special, I like to go to spa and good restaurant with small group of good friends. It’s the best way to do something nice for your senses!

Thank you for the words of wisdom!

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