The face behind Wellness by Oriflame: Ivet Lalova-Colio

She is the 10th fastest woman runner in history and the fastest white woman in the world. She is an European Champion, World and Olympic Finalist. We are proud to introduce the Bulgarian athlete Ivet Lalova–Colio as our new face behind Wellness by Oriflame.

Ivet, this was a really intensive season for you. You won gold medals. Which competition is the most unforgettable for you?
I will always remember the 200 m. semi-final in Berlin. I was not sure whether I was still in good shape to handle the run. Some weeks before the European competition I had a dream, that I was competing in Berlin and when I woke up with a feeling of great happiness and adrenaline. It seems, my dream was exactly about this real moment, because as I stepped on the runway in Berlin everything repeated – and the feeling of happiness most of all.

Unfortunately, you had also some injuries. (Ivet had a femoral muscle injury before the European games in Berlin.) How do you feel now?
Now I’m fine. They said the problem was more serious than just an ordinary muscle stretching. It’s hard when you get sabotage by your own body, but you must be prepared to face everything. 

We all know that sport achievements never happen by a random chance but are always in result of hard training and discipline. What is your everyday life as an athlete, do you have days, when you can afford pizza or pancakes with chocolate, like we do?
Fortunately, I’m not falling for sweets… With time I’ve build my lifestyle in a way that benefits both me and my trainings. If you care for yourself and your diet most of the time, then you can have whatever you want. Everything is good in limited quantities.




You, athletes, have perfect bodies, without any extra fat. Could you help us to have such bodies as yours? How important are various protein shakes and supplements that athletes add to their diet? Who cooks at home – you or Simone?
You should know that behind these beautiful bodies there are long hours of hard workouts and a lot of sweat. Athlete’s main task is workout and fast recovery. Therefore, protein is a crucial element in my diet. I adore the protein shakes of Wellness by Oriflame and I usually enjoy them right after workout or during my breaks. I cook at home and something I always observe is food to be fresh and delicious.
What is your day like when you don’t have to think of competitions, runways, seconds?
Athletes’ days are dedicated to achieving of the almost impossible perfection. If you’re motivated, you fall asleep and you wake up with the idea of how to make every single thing that contributes to your victory, even more effective. In my free time I like to think and work on other projects too, which gives me balance and a lot of energy.


Are you ready with your agenda for the next year?
I’m ready with the agenda for the next 2 years :-)

What is your greatest dream in sport?
To attend the Olympics for the 5th time.

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