Deyan Donkov

Actor Deyan Donkov: Does Man's Appearance Matter?

Actors are recognized by the audience mainly because of their talent. But to conquer women’s hearts, only talent is probably not enough. Appearance is also very important. We discussed the topic with Deyan Donkov, one of the most popular Bulgarian actors, who is the celebrity behind our new skincare brand NovAge Man.

As one of the most beloved actors in Bulgaria, especially among the ladies, do you believe that appearance is important and does it help in your life and work?
Yes, it’s important, I suppose, but I wouldn’t say I’ve ever relied simply on my looks. I don’t think there’s anything I’ve achieved so far thanks to my appearance. It’s probably just the opposite – you’ve got to prove yourself as an actor and just then you become recognizable and (some) people even start to like you. They become your fans

Still, you don’t deny that appearance is important for an actor, a man in the prime of his life. 
I wouldn’t deny this, of course. Furthermore, I would say that appearance is important for all people, not only actors and stars. First of all, people perceive with their eyes, so it really matters what they see. Then, it’s also about how you feel in your skin – your self-confidence, your mood and personal comfort depends on your own perception. This is why appearance is important and we should take care of it. Here, in Bulgaria, cosmetics is traditionally seen as a woman’s field. Most people believe men don’t need any other cosmetic product, but a soap…

Fortunately, nowadays men get more responsible towards their appearance. You are the face behind the first Oriflame skincare brand for men – NovAge Men. How do you find the set?
It’s a complete set of products including everything you need for your skincare. To be honest, in the beginning I also doubted I would use all four products. But I found out that it’s really easy – four steps in front of the mirror in the bathroom, that take less than 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Soon you understand that each product has its purpose. Each has a light texture that gets easily absorbed, leaving a pleasant feeling on the skin. For the skeptics I would add that the development of these skincare products is based on scientific research and clinical tests and all results are scientifically proved. I’ve always trusted Swedish quality and I know Oriflame is one of the first companies using natural extracts in their products and achieves amazing results supported by science.

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