Keep Your New Year's Resolutions With Airinė Palšytė

The start of the New Year is a good time to reflect on the past year and make a new beginning especially in healthier lifestyle. To get some extra motivation, we met our charming Oriflame brand ambassador shape Airinė Palšytė once again to learn more about her New Year`s resolutions and how she keeps herself in a good shape.

1. Please tell us, how your previous year has been in general?
Looking back from the current perspective, the year was really successful. At the beginning of the year I achieved a personal record (at the same time, improved the Lithuanian record and became the first Lithuanian and Baltic athlete who beat the 2 m limit), then improved it and even won the European Championship gold medal. Later, I suffered injury but I still managed to get to the World Championship finals and win the 7th place and then won the bronze medal at the World Student Universiade. 

2. Do you have any New Year resolutions or goals already for the 2018?
Standing on the threshold of the new year, each person has certain goals for himself, so I am not an exception. In 2018, we will have the World Indoor Championship, and in the summer, the European Championship, so, first of all, the goal is to prepare myself as much as possible for these events, enter new season without the traumatic consequences and show myself as good as it is possible.

3. Speaking of healthy living, do you like to cook? Where do you usually find the inspiration for new recipes?
Yes, I really like cooking and I often experiment with various foods and combinations. My inspiration are memories of how some dishes were made by grandmothers, mother, aunts or friends, as well as - while traveling and enjoying dishes from different countries.

4. What are your thoughts on a popular assumption that tasty food always contains a lot of calories?
Do you agree that tasty and filling doesn’t always have to mean fatty? I'm not one of those people who eat a lot of greasy, salty or sweet food, I always try to find a balance and I love easier absorbed and digestible food, so I would not agree that delicious food should be fat. You can always find non-fat but delicious and nutritious food or dishes. 

5. How would you describe your eating habits and daily menu at the moment? Is it important for you that your meals contain all needed nutrients?
It is very important for athletes to eat a high quality, nutritious food, as it affects the processes of recovery and development. I try to eat a variety of easily digestible food that have the most nutritional value for my body - proteins, fats, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

6. What are your thoughts on Wellness by Oriflame products and concept in general?

The entire Wellness range is designed to supplement both the athlete's and the non-sporting person's diet. I like and use the WellnessPack for women, because it is very comfortable to use and have all the necessary micronutrients and fats for me, and I also use protein cocktail powder and bars, because they often become a nutritious snack when I do not have time for long eating between the exercises.

7. What do you think about our new Wellness Protein Blend?
Protein Blend is a very useful and quality product that can replace one of the daily meals and has all the necessary proteins. It is also pleasing that it is without taste, so I can add it to my soups, salads, porridges or sports drinks.

8. Let`s talk beauty a bit. What`s your ultimate beauty rule to live by at the moment? Any winter beauty secrets?
It is very important to moisturize your skin and hair during the winter. It is also important to consume vitamins, in particular vitamin D, vitamin C and omega 3 + 6, because these elements are lacking the most when we have less sun and eat less fresh fatty fish and vegetables.

9. Have you discovered any favorite Oriflame products recently?
As I mentioned, I love Oriflame WellnessPack for women, and speaking about color cosmetics, I always have an eyebrow kit, matt lipstick, stronger transparent nail polish and foot cream.
10. Would you like to share some New Year wish for us all?
In the coming year, I would like to wish everyone to keep improving and set yourself only the highest targets that motivate each morning to get up and move forward. Also, enjoy every day with its small or big challenges and pleasures. Good mood is a great start of the day, so be healthy, happy and motivated!
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