Living True To Yourself

I am all for a healthy lifestyle and everything that is natural – says Anna Dereszowska, the Oriflame’s Ambassador. In this interview she’s sharing with us her beauty secrets and reveals what makes her a stronger person.

What’s your beauty ideal and how it corresponds to that of Oriflame’s?
I am all for a healthy lifestyle and everything that is natural. I take care of my body (my activities include running, swimming, playing tennis, biking, skiing and horse riding). I try to live in harmony with nature and pay attention to labels both when it comes to food and cosmetics. They say that you are what you eat so in other words, you also look the way you treat your body and skin. I appreciate natural beauty, natural cosmetics and ingredients and carefully check the product content – that is why Oriflame brand is so appealing to me.

Are Oriflame values close to yours?
I like being among people, especially my family, but also value the feeling of togetherness at work. That is why I am really happy about the opportunity to work with a group of enthusiastic consultants. I am a very passionate person and consider myself lucky that my job is also my passion.

What is your recipe for success?
It is all about combining work with passion. When you love what you do and make the maximum effort to do the best you can – success is guaranteed! It is good to set some goals and pursue them. The attitude towards life is also very important. I am an optimist for whom the glass is always half-full, I radiate positive energy and can really feel that this energy flows back to me.

What kind of people do you like to work with?
I demand a lot of myself and enjoy working with people with same energy who strive for more, are optimistic, come to work with a smile on face and are energetic. I also enjoy working with creative people who go their own way and are passion-driven.

What do you value in other women?
I value women who know what they want and are happy with what they do. If they are devoted to their families and are happy about it – that’s great. If they chose career – fantastic. If they balance both (and it’s not easy, speaking form my experience) – even better. Most importantly, a woman must feel good about her life herself. Don’t forget one thing: if we like ourselves, the world will like us too.

How do you balance your work and family life?
I won’t say it is easy and sometimes I feel extremely exhausted or even frustrated but it is family that really makes me stronger! When I see my kids smiling in the morning, it makes me want to wake up and go to work. I could move mountains for them. On the other hand, when I come back home after work, it is still the work that I love. If I couldn’t have both family and career, life would be tough for me.

What is your daily beauty routine?
First of all – cleansing! I really pay attention to this step so that my skin can better absorb all ingredients that I apply later on (with creams and serum). With cleansing I mean using all kinds of scrubs, toners and cleansing milks. I read the labels and always look for natural ingredients. I think it really shows on my skin. Since I started reaching for trusted, natural cosmetics my skin have revealed a more radiant tone.

Should fragrance reflect personality?
You should not pick your fragrance by accident. It has to match your character and personality. It has to be real. Oriflame has such a wide range of fragrances that every one of us can find something for herself. And I have already found mine. My Destiny is truly exceptional. It was really intriguing to find out that Oriflame as the first brand in the world used a rare ingredient – the extract of Tourmaline. This gemstone has incredible power to boost confidence, nurture creativity and define your individuality.

Anna Dereszowska
One of the most beautiful and talented Polish actresses and a successful vocalist. A mom to Lena and Maks. In 2011 she received Róża Gali award and in 2013 she was awarded Gwiazda Dobroczynności statuette for her charity work. She loves travelling, sports and motorization.

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