We’ve seen Radina Kardjilova casting in many different roles, both cinema and theater, that made her step by step to become one of the most loved actresses on Bulgarian stage. Sharing her private life with the actor Deyan Donkov and their son Christo, she divides her life in two main periods – before and after Christo. Apart from that she recently took a quite new challenge by moving from the Bulgarian Army Theater to the National Theater.

Radina, at the National Theatre there are many competitors, does this make you feel scared?
The more competitors the better – it means that these actresses are really good. I want to work with such people – best professionals. I’m not afraid…

They say, the camera loves you - do you enjoy being on stage? 
Yes, I enjoy it, I like shooting and playing. This is somehow inside of me. But I’d prefer having the right to choose my roles.

As what kind of actress could you be defined? What roles would you like to play?
I’ve been considered as motion/drama actress, however I can play in whatever role. In Haskovo, for example, with Stoyko Murdzev, I played a broken alcoholic. This is quite different compared to the beautiful Juliet, isn’t it?

Does Deyan give you his advices, do you discuss your roles together?
Yes, of course, he is one of the best actors and I always appreciate his advice. I am hastier than he, always in a rush, but he’s more balanced and calm and thus he lands me down.

Have you already played together?
No, not yet, but we have common plans.

Are you a fan of fashion?
Of course I am, as every woman. I easily convince myself if I want to buy something.

Do you like make-up?
I prefer natural and clean faces. The only thing I’ve been using so far was some blush and mascara. I like No Compromise mascara . It stays all day long and in the evening it’s easy to remove only with water. Just recently I started using lipstick. I like the effect of The One Obsession lipstick . The saturated ultimate color is like making myself feel bolder and more determined.

How do you see yourself in 20 years?
With one or two more kids, hopefully a girl, and with Deyan of course.

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