9 Bad Beauty Habits - And How to Break Them

Let’s face it: Most of us have long forgotten our New Year’s resolutions. Gym passes have been abandoned and diets long discarded. Accumulating good habits is tough. But, if you ask us, breaking bad ones is even tougher. Here’s how to kick your worst beauty habits once and for all. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

1. Never Cleaning Your Phone
We hate to break it to you, but your telephone actually carries more bacteria than a toilet seat. (We know, we were shocked too!) If you’re suffering from breakouts on one side of your face, the culprit might just be your phone. Limit facial contact by using a hands-free kit, and use an antibacterial wipe to give your phone a daily cleanse. 

2. Picking at blemishes 
You can’t always control a breakout, but you can certainly control what happens after one. A blemish might last for a few days, but a scar from a blemish you’ve picked could last a lifetime. If you’ve got a spot, just leave it be. You’ll do more harm than good! 

3. Not throwing away makeup
Like food, all makeup has an expiration date. Most mascaras can last for six months whilst lipsticks and nail polishes often last closer to a year. Remember: if you apply cream-based make-up with your (clean) fingers, be sure to switch products on a regular basis. 

 4. Biting your nails
The main problem with biting your fingernails is that you often don’t realise you’re doing it. Try a bitter-tasting polish (yes, this exists!), or treat yourself to a gel manicure that won’t allow you to nibble away!  

 5. Overheating your hair 
Damaging your hair is easier than you think. To avoid damage, start by lowering the heat on your hair dryer and straighteners, and always use a heat protecting spray. A weekly conditioning mask will also help to restore any lost moisture. 

 6. Not removing makeup
 Beauty sleep is great, but sleeping in your makeup isn’t. Doing this on a regular basis can cause breakouts, dry your skin out and even weaken your eyelashes. Who wants that? Stubborn mascara can be removed with an eye makeup remover whilst a cleanser and toner work wonders to quickly remove face make-up. Even the most tired person has time to do that. 

 7. Not wearing SPF
Perhaps the worst beauty habit of all is not wearing sunscreen. Even on the cloudiest of days, put it on. We promise, your face (and neck!) will thank you.   

8. Overplucking eyebrows
Plucking gradually weakens your eyebrow hairs, so take a less-is-more approach to brow grooming. Allow them time to naturally grow out and then visit a specialist who will style them to suit your face shape. 

 9. Not cleaning makeup brushes – ever
You cleanse your face daily, but your make-up brushes? You’re lucky if you do it once a year. No judgement, but clean brushes mean a smoother application and the prevention of spreading skin-clogging bacteria. 

Fjalët nga: Fotografitë nga: Shutterstock & Oriflame editorial team