How to Pick the Floral Scent for You

There's a new trend in fragrance where perfumes focus on a single floral scent. But how do you know which floral suits you? Read our guide to find out!


Rose is one of perfume’s most versatile notes. It can be light and pretty or dark and seductive, depending on what other notes it’s paired with. But it’s the rose’s honeyed warmth that makes it recognisable in some of our favourite perfumes. If rose is the most dominant note, you can expect a scent that is uplifting and romantic. Sounds like you? Then try one of Volare fragrances.

Imagine walking into a garden in full bloom. Those soft, powdery, ultra-feminine notes are what you’ll find in a lilac based scent. Women’s Collection Innocent White Lilac is a springtime favourite.

Even the most delicate of jasmine fragrances radiates seduction. Sometimes called “lady of the night” the evergreen shrub only flowers at night adding to its mystery. If you want a fragrance where jasmine’s velvety qualities are most-pronounced, try Eclat Femme Eau de Toilette.

At once floral and woody, the elegant orange blossom has a timeless quality that radiates luxury. Capture the essence of this delicate flower with Giordani Gold Essenza Parfum and Giordani Gold Original Eau de Parfum.

Floral fragrances aren’t always pretty. Patchouli, for example, has an earthy, intoxicating aroma that can overwhelm some noses. Perfect for the confident woman or man, you’ll find this warm and spicy floral at the heart of Giordani Gold White Original Eau de Parfum.

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