The Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

The gift giving season is here, but don’t worry we got you covered – here’s our picks of the perfect holiday gifts for your near and dear!

1. Prep Your Lips
Put on a thin coat of lip balm to create a smooth base for your metallic lipstick and use a primer or a concealer to neutralise your lip colour. This also helps your lipstick stay much longer and enhance your lipstick's true colour and texture.

2. Draw the Line
We should keep your metallic lipstick in place! Lip liners prevent your lipstick from bleeding and increase the staying power of the lip color. Try to use a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour.

3. Choose the Right Colour
If you are not a big fan of taking risks, choose the metallic versions of the colours already work for you.

Silver complement cooler skin tones. Gold, bronze, and warm metallic shades pair well with warm skin tones. And if you have a lightly tanned, olive skin tone, you can wear any metallic you want - lucky you!

4. Lipstick Mix
This trend can be as extreme or as refined as you like. You can soften the metallic effect by mixing metallic shades with shine-free, matte, or semi-matte shades. A double metallic layer in the centre of your lips just after your matte lipstick will give a more three-dimensional finish.

If you want the best of both worlds, check out our new Giordani Gold Iconic Metallic Matte Lipstick which is a fabulous blend of shimmer particles and pearlescent pigments with a creamy matte and metallic finish.

5. Focus on Your Lips
Try to keep the rest of your makeup low-key and make your metallic lips the focal point of your face.

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