Step-by-Step: The French Manicure

The French manicure is back. Yes, we love colourful statement nails, but there’s something inarguably chic and polished about the French manicure. Here’s how to master the classiest nail trend of them all.


Prepare your hands and nails by soaking them in a bowl of warm water. You’ll want to leave them there for a few minutes before pushing back your cuticles and buffing your nails.


Select a sheer, pale pink or nude nail polish and apply using three strokes – look for a wide brush for even coverage. Apply one coat and then leave to dry, before adding another layer.


After your second layer is completely dry, you want to start on the tips. Cut small pieces of tape and apply them across your nails, leaving a thin strip exposed at the top. Then use a white nail polish to fill in the area. Once dry, remove the tape.


Tidy tips up with a white manicure pencil, best applied to the underside of your nails. Then finish off with a transparent topcoat of polish - shiny or matte.

E Voila! A French manicure that looks preened and prim.

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