The Editor’s Picks: Sophia Marinho de Lemos

The Editor’s Picks: Sophia Marinho de Lemos

I’ve recently started giving my skin a lot more attention.  I cleanse morning and night, before applying a serum and moisturizing. As winters in Sweden are particularly harsh, I use an extra nourishing cream to protect my skin from the cold temperatures.

Cover up
“No-make-up” makeup is a big trend this spring. As I don’t have flawless skin, I need a great moisturizer and concealer to help me achieve this look. Tip – pick a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone and use a brush to apply. 

Every day eyes
If there is one piece of makeup I can’t live without, it’s mascara. I love it. For that “wow” effect, I always curl my eyelashes before application. And, for extra impact, I add a flick of black liquid eyeliner along my upper lash line.  

The new lip
For me, lipstick is the perfect accessory. I tend to go for fuss-free hair and a matte complexion, so a bright lip is my statement-maker. For spring, I’m replacing winter’s darker red tones with coral and strawberry lip colours.

Well-groomed nails are a must. As the temperatures warm up, I’m trading in dark nail polishes for lighter, sugary tones. Pinks, beiges and whites are my seasonal nail colours of choice.

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