Kalo tek përmbajtja kryesore Kalo në menunë kryesore Kalo për të kërkuar

Gather the girls and win the prize!

Girls, this is fashionistas summer! If you look at the trends more than on Facebook, you’ll definitely win our contest!

How does it sound to have makeup and beauty care products for all summer? Even more, we prepared a big surprise for the girls in love with beauty:

A makeover session with Oriflame makeup artist!

If you spend your last penny on beauty products, this summer you’re totally assured with a generous beauty kit within the latest trends. Strike a pose, girl!

Be honest, you always wondered how you would look with smokey eyes or the cattish look worn by the  Parisian girls. Or, maybe, you’d fantasied to wear the makeup of your favorite celebrity.

Our super magician makeup artist will fulfill your dreams and he will reward you with a professional makeover session that will make you look like million dollars. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend asks again your phone number. 

What you have to do? Easy! Have fun with your Beauty Clan (3, 4 friends) and organize a make-over session between you, the girls! Picture it in the most relevant stages of your session and send it to us the before and after pictures! Upload the 2 pictures on Oriflame’s Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags: #OriflameXX #FabFun and be ready for the Fab New YOU, and we will reward the most passionate of the Clans! All our prizes are available for all the girls in your team!

Ready to see the Fab New YOU? Start now! The makeup chair is waiting for the divas!