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Oriflame tip: Make money with Oriflame catalogue!

If you decided to join Oriflame, congratulations! We will have lots of fun and profit together, you will see.

Money with the catalogue’s help? Yes, it is true. Oriflame catalogue is more than just a nice glossy magazine! The product descriptions help you customize the recommendations for you clients, so you will better respond to their problems and needs.

Don’t forget: they rely on you as their consultant. And… a satisfied client will remain your client in the future! 

Our fab stylish catalogue will help you gather many clients if you will use it as a pro. It is your main tool for success.

Tip 1: Personal research!


Tip 2: Met the client, keep the client!

Present the catalogue in a personalized manner. Ask you clients about their dreams, preferences, need, and problems to be addressed. This is not about courtesy, but about a sincere desire to help them choose the best! Only after you figured out what is their profile, present them the solution for skin care and makeup.

Tip 3: Names list!

Start with small steps. First with your friends, then with their acquaintances and then, when you get experience, take the courage to approach new interesting people. Don’t forget to always make a list with people you intend to meet from your personal circle and a larger one.

 Tip 4: YOU!

Yes, it is about your personality! Highlight your qualities: be friendly and sincere in your desire to bring beauty! You are the one that make the difference.