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The summer starts with YOU!

Dreaming about a new exciting experience, having fun and travel in style? This summer is the perfect beginning of a journey to the fab new you! Live as you feel, experience the excitement, be grateful for the journey. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” says Mark Twain and we know he is right.

With Oriflame you can always start by thinking on what you want! If you imagined yourself looking great, affording to spent the last penny for the latest beauty trends and be the trendsetter of your friends group, well, it’s possible.

You can fulfill your wishes through our great program, especially designed for young beauty enthusiasts like yourself. Join now Oriflame Welcome Program and you will be delighted by the latest makeup and care products, indispensable for the summer perfect look. Swedish know better when it comes to skin and its porcelain perfection!

And that’s much more! If you always thought to start your own business, this is an excellent opportunity! Oriflame Welcome Program can be your start as an entrepreneur. Summer is the most profitable season in the beauty industry! The sells almost double! With the huge discounts from Oriflame, all you need to do is spread the beauty around you and plan the future fabulous trips. Forget about long working hours or early wake up and replace them with free time, fun people, and long weekends to the sea.

3 easy steps to look great feel great, live great and make money!

Step 1!

Place an order of 100 bonus points in catalog 6 and you will receive the makeup wonders within an irresistible offer.

Step 2!

Place another order of 100 bonus points and your skin will be delighted the whole summer by the Optimals Body!

Step 3 is the most appealing!

Placing an order of 100 bonus points bring you the Russel Hobbs blender ready to take care of your slim silhouette. Smoothies, soups and seeds all can be processed with your new sliming tool. Grab the desert and go to the gym!

Don’t think twice! The way to greatness doesn’t need to ask for permission! This is the summer of the fab new YOU!